Conte goodbye, Inter crisis: the recipe for vip fans

Enrico Mentana proposes popular shareholding for Inter. Ignazio La Russa bets on the consortium. Carlo Cottarelli offers his technical analysis. Antonio Conte’s farewell to Inter shakes the Nerazzurri fans and turns the spotlight on the club’s complex financial situation. Distinguished supporters, in particular, propose solutions to stem the crisis of the currently Chinese-led society. “Is there the possibility of popular shareholding for Inter? Of course. Is there the possibility of a path that leads to listing on the stock exchange? Of course. Is there adequate capital? Of course. In these three years (since I launched the proposal) thousands of people came forward. It is not a collection, it is not a charity collection “, writes Enrico Mentana. “It’s about buying a piece of company each, which will one day become a package of shares. Neither a gift nor an investment. Easy? No. Those who take ownership of a company hardly share it. Let alone those who live ten thousand kilometers away. , and does not feel the breath of a distant supporters “,. The Zhangs have done a lot for Inter, it is right to be grateful for a Scudetto that belongs in large part to them, supporters of the Conte and Marotta project. But the Nerazzurri club is something very far from their core business and their interests and constraints “, adds the director of Tg La7 on Facebook.” There is no fan who does not know what happened to the other football club they own. , Jangsu Suning: eight months ago he won the Chinese championship, two months ago it was dissolved, overnight, without paying any contract. Also for this reason it is right that the Nerazzurri fans protect themselves, while proposing themselves as a minority partner in the property, also to avert the risk that a sneeze in Nanjing becomes a hurricane in Milan, as has already happened, and is happening in these hours. There are many Inter fans, the strongest paying public in Italy in all the past years before the pandemic emptied the stadiums. They can become the protagonists of the first Italian example of popular shareholding. Why not try it? “, He asks himself.” I am already a small shareholder of Inter, we talk about small figures but this idea of ​​popular shareholding does not convince me, it is not enough, “Ignazio La Russa told Adnkronos.” involving hundreds of thousands of people to get to important figures and with the times that run I see it hard – continues the exponent of the Brothers of Italy at Adnkronos -. Otherwise Mentana could call twenty really wealthy Inter players and join a consortium, because those who put real money want to have decision-making power and don’t do it just for passion. “” We launched the idea of ​​popular shareholding with Interspac, a a company that has put forward the idea of ​​widespread shareholding, a model that is valid not only for Inter but also for other companies: the advantage, we see now the evidence, would be that of a much more stable capital than the foreign one. one day comes and another goes away “, says Carlo Cottarelli.” In September in Milan we will hold an event to talk about the experience of Bayern Munich, a club whose 75% is in the hands of 170 thousand fans, a club that wins and that he has his accounts in order. A result that is generally seen in German societies based on this model “, concludes the economist.

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