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“The Maneskins do not sniff, but the French gnaw”, the post by Don Dino Pirri


“The Maneskin do not sniff, but the French gnaw.” The post in defense of the Roman band is from a priest. It is Don Dino Pirri, a priest much loved by young people because he spreads the Gospel also on social networks, who replies to the controversies triggered by the France with the Foreign Minister on the alleged drugs. Before the public vote, ‘Voilà’ by Barbara Pravi was behind the piece presented by Switzerland. At the end of the voting (most public jury) France came second. doubts are a few seconds of video in which the Maneskin frontman can be seen lowering his head on the table in front of him. A few seconds that made the rounds of social networks and in a short time there were even those who asked for the disqualification of Italy. “I don’t use drugs. Don’t say such a thing. No cocaine. Thomas had just broken a glass, that’s all. I don’t use drugs and don’t say it, please “, Damiano said at a press conference. And Eurovision for its part has decided to take a stand:” We are aware of the rumors relating to the video “concerning” the Italian winners. of the Eurovision Song Contest “and which documents a situation” in the Green Room last night (Saturday night ed). The band has strongly denied the drug use allegations and the singer in question will undergo a voluntary drug test after he arrives home. “The Maneskins had asked for the test already on Saturday” but it was not possible to organize it immediately from ‘ EBU. The band, their management and the head of delegation informed us that there were no drugs in the Green Room and explained that a glass had been broken at the table: the singer was cleaning. The EBU can confirm that the broken glass was found after an on-site check. We are still reviewing the footage carefully and will update with more information in due course. “



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