Covid, Maga (Cnr) “Emergency almost behind us, normality perhaps in autumn”

“There are countries where the situation of the Coronavirus pandemic is still not under control. In Italy and, in general, in Europe, the situation is better, thanks also to the vaccination campaign which is the real keystone. We can say, however, that , at least within our borders, we are leaving the emergency period behind us. To say this, at the Adnkronos Salute, the virologist Giovanni Maga, director of the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Cnr of Pavia. “It is difficult – continues Maga – to say when we will be completely normal. Perhaps as early as next autumn, if we manage to have vaccination coverage, as seems possible, capable of guaranteeing a very low circulation of the virus, manageable without the need for emergency measures. But before we see the end of the global pandemic, I think it will take time. To do this, everyone needs to be vaccinated. And we know that this is not an easy task. “The virologist explains:” We know that coronaviruses, in general, have a fundamentally seasonal circulation. Their period of maximum circulation is between October and April, approximately. But what we are dealing with is a new coronavirus, which has had a worldwide spread and circulation so widespread that the element ‘season’ it fails to have a decisive impact. It is a factor, it is not everything “. “It is clear – he adds – that in the temperate climate belts, not therefore the equatorial belts or the tropics, a bit as happens for the flu, the combination of particular temperatures and humidity make the transmission of the virus less efficient. the transmission is very low, as it happened last year because we were coming out of a very tight lockdown, the hot season is a further help.This year we have vaccination, which is the fundamental element at the origin of the positive data we have. Therefore, there will also be a contribution from the season, but we must not think that it could be the element that will definitively change the picture. Also because the season ends and we must prepare for the next autumn-winter, reaching the protection of the population with vaccines ” .

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