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Lorini (Anec): “Good signs from the box office, soon 50% cinemas will open”


“The date of May 20 represented an acceleration point in a restart process that we knew would be gradual. The latest results, even if partial, undoubtedly send a signal that makes us look forward to the upcoming summer”. This is what Mario Lorini, president of Anec, the national association of cinema exhibitors, says, commenting to AdnKronos on the box office data relating to the last weekend, which sees the Italian film ‘The bad poet’ in the head, starring Sergio Castellitto in the cloth by Gabriele D’Annunzio, with over 30,000 spectators, followed by ‘Another ride’ and ‘Nomadland’. “Today we have also reopened the multiplexes with 1,619 screens throughout Italy: another important leap that will bring us almost 50% of the openings. From then on and with the arrival of the next big quality films – from ‘Comedians’ by Gabriele Salvatores to ‘Crudelia’, following the international products starting from ‘The Father’ with Antony Hopkins so far only in the original version and which next week will also be released with the Italian dubbing – we can really talk about the restart of the film market ” In addition, “the moments of the great festivals will arrive, Cannes and Venice above all in addition to Ciné in Riccione, Taormina and other events in attendance that will mark important moments of attention on cinema. The postponement of the closure, which has already been brought at 11 pm, at midnight it will be another fundamental step, together with the consumption of food and drinks in the dining room in safety. It will be a ‘crossing’ but the current data are already comforting on the people’s desire to come to the cinema “. (by Enzo Bonaiuto)



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