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Health, mobbing and demotion: appeal against the Sant’Andrea hospital


Acts of persecution, bullying and demotion. They are denounced by an appeal to the Civil Court of Rome, Labor section, against the Sant’Andrea University Hospital, promoted by Dr. Maria Beatrice Palma De Marco, represented by the lawyer Riccardo Demontis. The proceeding is currently underway, therefore the Company, consulted by Adnkronos, does not deem it appropriate to report any comments. Dr. De Marco is an employee at the Sant’Andrea University Hospital with the qualification of psychologist health manager, with seniority over 15 years. Since the beginning of the employment relationship you have complained repeatedly and continuously, you write in the appeal, “abuse, interference and contractual violations during the conduct of your business”. In particular, you recite the appeal: “the repeated, pervasive and systematic vexatious activity directed against you, completely unjustified as well as illegitimately”; “the non-assignment from 2011 to the present of a stable workstation suitable for carrying out one’s activity as a psychologist and psychotherapist”; “the failure of the company bodies to communicate both the objectives of the UOD and the personal ones, as well as the failure to prepare and deliver the annual evaluation forms, together with incorrect indications or omissions about the exact professional qualification, with evident correlation economic damage, also in terms of variable remuneration, for Dr. De Marco “. As a result of the foregoing, the Court is asked to ascertain and declare that Dr. De Marco “was the subject of persecutory acts and demotion aimed at the exclusion of the same applicant from the corporate context” and, consequently, of order the company to pay compensation. The value of the dispute is € 360,475.



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