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Zelenski unifies the unanimous speech of the West against Putin at the UN


The Russian leader’s statements give rise to a chain reaction to lower the escalation of the war and convey calm at the United Nations headquarters that there was talk of the food crisis that several countries in the world are suffering due to the global political and economic situation, yesterday the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the escalation of the conflict were once again imposed, as the subject around which the main interventions of the numerous heads of state and government present at the general debate of the United Nations assembly, which is taking place these days in New York. Especially after hearing the statements of the Russian president, in his televised speech yesterday, in which announced the mobilization of 300,000 army reservists, threatened in a veiled way with the use of nuclear weapons and pressured the organization n of referendums organized in the occupied areas of Ukraine, which could result in a subsequent annexation. International response These demonstrations gave rise to a chain reaction of the different world leaders to express unity and calm. The objective was to launch a forceful but controlled message. This is what Biden did in his long-awaited speech, being firm in describing the Russian invasion as an “unnecessary and brutal war.” But above all, amplifying the message that Western leaders spread, in a coordinated manner, yesterday: Putin is losing the war. Biden began by attacking Russian President Vladimir Putin directly for his intention of having wanted to “erase to a sovereign state” and ended up proposing the enlargement of the UN Security Council to avoid the use of the veto (except in exceptional circumstances). The intention is that this body, dependent on the United Nations General Assembly, does not see its effectiveness impaired and “remains credible and effective,” said the US president after rejecting the constant vetoes of recent months that have blocked aid actions. in Ukraine. Spain and Turkey This was also done by the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, who pointed out that “Putin has assumed that he is losing the war, covering an illegal invasion by announcing two referendums in Ukraine is still a joke in bad taste ”. Sánchez also stressed the importance of not contributing to verbal escalation at a time when “the rhetorical order has risen” and added that “now the most important thing is unity.” He also recalled that, in the European case, joint action is already being taken on the political, economic, humanitarian and military fronts. The Spanish president alluded to the reaction of prominent partners in this war, noting that “Erdogan has also been clear in saying that Putin was wrong” and that “the conflict will end with the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. Turkey has had a very important role in intermediation. It makes us think that Putin is in a flight forward because he has not fulfilled any of the objectives he sought from the beginning of the conflict.” Macron and Zelensky For his part, Emmanuel Macron, President of France, went beyond the request for unity the international community against Vladimir Putin. In addition to regretting the latest actions of the Russian president, he called for increased pressure and isolation on him. And he also did so by declaring his satisfaction with the statements of his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, and Indian, Narendra Modi, who have been colder with the latest decisions of the Kremlin. Finally, Volodymyr Zelenski participated with a pre-recorded speech in the day of yesterday from the United Nations General Assembly. The President of Ukraine requested the creation of a special court to punish Russia, in order to demand fair punishment because “a crime has been committed” against his country. “Punishment for the torture and humiliation of women and men. Punishment for the catastrophic turbulence that Russia caused with its illegal war against us and against the entire world”, he added, putting the epilogue to a day in which his country was once again the involuntary protagonist of one of the main annual international diplomatic meetings. .



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