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Curfew Italy, reopening and rules: today the control room


Curfew in Italy at 11pm or midnight, reopening and possible relaxation of anti-covid measures and rules. These are the main themes on the table of the control room that will meet today at Palazzo Chigi. Also expected in the day is news on the parameters, with the possible introduction of the hospital Rt index to define the color changes between the red, orange and yellow areas. Meanwhile, with the data on infections clearly improving, the pressing of the regions increases. Especially on the curfew, which will probably be brought to 11pm or midnight. Read also HOPE: “WE CAN RELEASE THE FIREWORK” “With improving data we can ease and then overcome the curfew”, confirmed yesterday the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, during his visit to the Internationals of tennis on the occasion of the final. “It is nice to see the public in safety at a sporting event. We can continue with reasoned confidence in the process of gradual reopening of other activities, while still maintaining the necessary prudence”, highlighted the minister, underlining that “this is possible thanks to the measures adopted. in recent months and to the correct behavior of the vast majority of people and, of course, thanks to the vaccination campaign which is the fundamental lever to open a new season in the country “. The numbers will get better and better, “said Undersecretary Pierpaolo Sileri.” Since last Sunday we have two million more Italians who have received at least one dose of vaccine and one million more who have completed the vaccination cycle. It means that we are overcoming the virus, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief “. THE PRESSING OF PARTIES, FROM LEGA TO M5S In the meantime, among the forces of the majority it is not only the League that is clamoring to review or cancel the curfew. , the position of the M5S and of the minister Luigi Di Maio is also clear, who yesterday said clearly: “It is time to overcome the curfew”. “The bulletin gives us data in clear improvement. For the first time since October, the victims fall below 100 and the infections stop at about 5700 positive “, highlighted Di Maio referring to the data on Sunday, which record 5,753 new infections and 93 deaths in the country.” We must do it -he stressed – also to become truly attractive for foreign tourists and allow our restaurateurs and traders to work at their best, so as to exploit the potential of the summer season and restart the country’s economy “. there is also the consideration of a possible reopening also indoors. Yesterday a zoom meeting of the M5S ministers was held in the presence of Vito Crimi, the Senate and Chamber group leaders Ettore Licheri and Davide Crippa and the undersecretary Pierpaolo Sileri. a unanimous position which, “taking note of the progress of the vaccination campaign and the clear improvement of the epidemiological framework, leads to the request for an anticipation of the opening of many activities and the overcoming of the curfew at 10 pm “, said sources of the Grilline government. “From tomorrow’s meeting we expect reopening and restarting, work and freedom, outdoors and indoors, day and night! Let’s trust the Italians”, Lega leader Matteo Salvini wrote on Twitter with the hashtag #nocoprifuoco . Forza Italia also pushes in this direction: “Curfew at least at midnight, to then be abolished soon; true openings for all other sectors waiting for a date to restart; acceleration on the green pass, to be used everywhere for events, concerts, discos, and still more. The country is ready to return to normality, and the Italians will know how to deserve the trust we will give them “, is the line dictated for the party by Roberto Occhiuto, group leader in the Chamber of Deputies. THE OPINION OF THE TECHNICIANS On one thing, they also agree the technicians: the numbers on the infections allow a relaxation of the measures. “The evolution of the numbers of the last 3-4 weeks is definitely encouraging; although 93 deaths are a number that claws our consciences, it cannot be stressed that it was from 20 October that we had no less than 100 deaths . Even with respect to the ratio between positive swabs and swabs performed, we have been below 3% all week, yesterday even the ratio was 2.2% “, is the analysis by Franco Locatelli, president of the Superior Health Council and coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee, hosted by Fabio Fazio at Che Tempo Che fa on Rai3. On the requests he will bring to the control room today, Locatelli added: “If the Prime Minister calls me, I will try to offer, as usual, a service for what concerns an assessment of technical feasibility with respect to the issues that will be intercepted in the decisions of the president and the ministers who support him in the control room. and refer to the widening of the limit for the restriction of movements, the so-called curfew. I believe that the gradual and progressive approach that the Prime Minister underlined was the winning card for not seeing the numbers grow uncontrollably and must also represent the North Star for the decisions of the next few days “. ” HOSPITAL RT INDEX As regards the parameters, the regions in recent days have asked to take into consideration the hospital Rt index and to abolish the color system to introduce the system of risk zones linked to incidence: 50 cases per 100 thousand would be low risk indicator, 150 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants would be medium risk Above the threshold, we pass to high risk.



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