Covid, for 38% young people improved relationships with parents

The pandemic has undoubtedly upset the relational universe of young people, who in fact identify what they have renounced precisely in being together freely with their friends and family (32.4%) and in particular with grandparents (5.8%). more reluctantly. But the pandemic was also an opportunity to rethink some relationships, which have emerged strengthened since the last year: this is the case in particular of relationships with parents, which for 38.3% have improved. The data are contained in the 9th Annual Research Report of “Generazione Proteo”, the permanent Observatory on young people of Link Campus University, created this year in partnership with Grandi Scuole. A research that interviewed 1,812 Italian students of the last years of high school, representative of the entire national territory and of the different types of address, and that returns the identikit of the ‘Post-Covid Generation’. The improvement in relations with parents depends above all on the greater amount of time spent together (for 53.7%). Parents who in many cases have lived this last year in smart working, and who because of this the students interviewed felt the more busy and distracted (30%) the more present with their family (28.9%). smart working is another theme that has hit the headlines over the last year, but which tends not to convince young Italians. In fact, 6 out of 10 interviewees declare that they would be ‘not at all’ (25.9%) and ‘not at all’ (38.6%) happy to work in smart working, but only 16.8% overall associate this assessment with experience experienced by their parents.

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