Covid, for 41% young people useless alarmism from the press

Aware of the extraordinary nature of the historical moment we are experiencing, and consequently of the importance of getting informed on a daily basis (28.9%) and deepening (30.2%), young people believe that there has been an excess of information on the pandemic (for 32 , 5% has talked about it too much and in an exaggerated way) as well as unnecessary alarmism (41.2%). The picture is obtained from the 9th annual research report of “Proteo Generation”, the permanent Observatory on young people of Link Campus University, created this year in partnership with Grandi Scuole and which interviewed 1,812 Italian students of the last years of high school , representative of the entire national territory and of the different types of address, and which returns the identikit of the ‘Post-Covid Generation’. Not positive in the short term, the infodemic becomes a disincentive to obtain information in a long-term perspective, given the overall 58.6% of respondents who admit that they have had the desire, over the last year, to stop follow the news on the pandemic.

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