Covid discos 2021, Galli: “They open for buffered, vaccinated and immune”

“Yes to discos as long as they open to vaccinated, immune people with active antibodies after infection and to those who swab when entering. It is useless to trigger riots on these issues: what matters is knowing if this thing can be done safely”. Massimo Galli, director of infectious diseases of the Sacco hospital in Milan, told Adnkronos Health about the decisions on the subject that will be the focus of a meeting at the Ministry of Health tomorrow. “Dab all the people at the entrance to the disco – continues Galli – is not so difficult to organize, after all. And it does not have such a terrible cost. Otherwise we need a certification that customers are immune and vaccinated. is an element of greater security. It is a small duty for those who want to have fun without being demonized “. The mask, however, remembers Galli “remains an important garrison but I find it difficult to be fiscal, seated at a table with drinks. The suggestion, at this stage, is that you work in terms of attention rather than in terms of prescriptions. negative “.” Young people seem to have understood that vaccinating means life, having more ways of being present in social activities which I find natural for young people to tend to, “he adds, commenting on the high level of participation in vaccination of children. “What worries me, on the other hand, is the hard core of mature people who do not get vaccinated due to mental reserves of various kinds”. Vaccines for children “I am becoming more and more convinced that extending vaccination to children is also important,” he says of the prospect of widening the vaccination campaign to children, once the vaccines for the age groups under 12 are approved. “With the latest variants, children are not free from infections, the cost-benefit ratio between vaccination and the risk of contagion always favors vaccination”.

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