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Covid vaccine, “97% are protected from contagion”


Can people vaccinated against Covid-19 still be infected and be able to transmit the virus? And are they completely protected from the development of the disease, despite the variants that have been identified? These doubts are answered by the survey conducted by the Turin Medical Association on 11,910 health workers of all professions vaccinated against Covid, from which it emerged that 97% were protected from contagion. In recent months – a note recalls – the first studies on the vaccinated population have been carried out, both nationally and internationally. In recent days, the fact-finding investigation carried out by the Omceo of Turin on the health personnel who received the vaccine was also completed, an initiative to which the Orders of all the health professions have joined. A short questionnaire that can be filled in anonymously online was prepared, in which all subscribers were asked if, after the completion of the anti-Covid vaccination cycle, they have ever tested positive and how long after vaccination. The survey took place between 29 March and 2 May, data collection was handled by Mario Nejrotti and Gabriele Gallone. 4,600 doctors and dentists, over 2,500 nurses, almost 1,500 psychologists, almost 700 veterinarians, over 500 pharmacists joined. , about 400 physiotherapists, 350 professional educators, almost 1,300 from all other health professions. Just 1.41% of all participants (the vast majority received Pfizer) contracted Sars-CoV-2 after vaccination, 168 out of 11,910. The percentage drops to 1.18% – 54 out of 4,575 – if we consider only doctors and dentists. Data – comment the authors – which confirm the now established effectiveness of vaccines in stopping the disease even in a category such as that of health professionals, more exposed than others to the risk of contagion. of Turin – was, however, to know above all to what extent the vaccine, in addition to protecting individuals from the development of Covid-19, is able to limit the circulation of the virus. Among the participants in the questionnaire, 5,823 were subjected to swabs after the vaccination, from the end of January to the beginning of May: the positives were 179, 3.07% of the total. And therefore, in an observation period that extends over about 3 months, 96.93% of the subjects subjected to swabs after vaccination did not host the virus in the upper airways, thus not being a potential vehicle for contagion for the next. The figure is even lower for doctors and dentists, with 2.25% of swab positives and therefore 97.75% negatives. “In light of these data, which agree with the results of other similar researches also carried out in international field – comments the president of the Turin Omceo Guido Giustetto, thanking the authors of the study – it is therefore possible to reason effectively for a relaxation of the restrictions, at least for all the people who have received the vaccine “.



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