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Google censorship of Fabrizio Gatti book, forbidden to advertise investigation


Google Ads blocks the ‘advertising sponsorship’ of a podcast that would be responsible for violating the rules on the dissemination of information on the coronavirus, having distributed an interview to the journalist Fabrizio Gatti, author of the book-investigation ‘The infinite error. The secret story of a pandemic that had to be avoided ‘, published by’ La Nave di Teseo ‘and already in the ranking of best-selling books. This was revealed by the same publisher explaining that the owner of the podcast would have received a message stating “disapproval of the video” relating to the interview since “advertisers must comply with Google Ads rules when publishing content relating to the coronavirus (Covid -19), in particular those relating to sensitive events. These rules prohibit any content that shows speculative intent or lacks reasonable sensitivity towards this global health crisis “. La Nave di Teseo indicates that with this” generic reason “it would therefore be” impossible to advertise on sites, blogs, podcasts and spaces owned by Google, for the ideas contained and expressed by the author in his book. “In ‘The infinite error’ thanks to testimonials and unpublished information – including the analysis of over ten thousand documents and access to databases that record the genetic identity of viruses – Gatti retraces the entire journey uto from the coronavirus: from bat-infested caves to Chinese civil and military laboratories where new pathogens have been studied in collaboration with American, Australian and French research centers, to our cities, our hospitals, our homes. Commenting on the incident Elisabetta Sgarbi, general and editorial director of the publishing house, recalls how the journalist “documented the responsibilities of the Chinese regime, the allied governments and the WHO in the delayed response to the Covid-19 pandemic which, as the subtitle explains of the book, China, governments and the WHO should have avoided. I hope that Google – precisely because of its leading position – can help encourage reflection and discussion on the health and human catastrophe that has hit the world. great difference between the gratuitous offense and the right to criticize, especially when this criticism is widely documented “. As for Gatti, he expresses” full solidarity with colleagues who have been or will be economically damaged, only for having given space “to his work and he hopes “that Google will review its position as soon as possible.” “We already have to bear the Chinese regime and the consequences of its failure to contain the new coronavirus. Considering my documented investigation of what happened offensive and somehow hindering its wider dissemination, as decided by Google, is – for the journalist – yet another symptom of a very worrying drift. Once the infection is overcome with vaccines, as I write in my book, we will have to defend our democracies from totalitarianism and the digital monopoly “.



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