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Giallini: “I’m talking to my dead wife”


He does not see the ghost of his wife, like his Rocco Schiavone, but he still talks to us. Marco Giallini, is told in an interview with the ‘Corriere della sera’. “When I’m alone and something is wrong. I say: Eh my love …”, he adds underlining: “In the end, I have been in lockdown since Loredana died”. In July, it’s been ten years. “That is the moment when I decided to become popular. I decided it precisely, because I would be one who settles down, I am lazy, kills like I am lazy,” he says. “In the sense that I am still waiting to play with Roma. I had arrived here, in Tor Lupara, for Loredana. We got in 40 meters, we weren’t wealthy. We got married in ’93, I was doing theater and other jobs, but I had resumed school, I had enrolled in literature and acting school. I had become good, cultured, as well as banished “, he continues. Before so much theater, cinema arrived late: first film at 35, directed by Marco Risi in ‘The Last New Year’: “But I exploded again later, at 49, with the Silver Ribbon for Ahab and the nomination for David for Standing in Paradise. Before, when Loredana was there, I had made 35 films and series, but I was second, third actor: if you are first, the projects are made on you. She has only seen the beginning . On the first contract, she reads the “film installment”, the first of ten, but she thought that was all. She says: just this? And me: no, you have to put another zero. Her tears came. Nice or not. ” decided to become popular only as a widower to fill the time and not think? “To give the children one more chance. I had to raise them up as we promised. She wanted them to do the Classic, one does it, the other has finished it: it is a wonderful thing, whoever makes the Classic can be recognized from a distance “.



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