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Agriculture, Borchia: “Post covid phase foresees a strong identity imprint”


Agriculture in the post-covid phase should be characterized by “a strong identity imprint that can underline the importance of having Italian roots not only as regards the business world but above all as regards products”. This is the wish of Paolo Borchia, member of the Commission for Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament, who spoke at the workshop “Integrated supply chains for the relaunch of the country” which is part of the initiative ” Integrated supply chains “that The European House – Ambrosetti launched with the support of Philip Morris Italia. Read also “That of tobacco – he continued – represents a very important supply chain that has been able to give so much to both national and European GDP. Clearly we cannot forget that development must be able to be sustainable but also to combine a certain innovation, in a historical phase in which the European Union is also investing with a certain decision and, we hope also with a good final added value, on innovation and digitization also applied to the agri-food sector “.” I believe – he observed – that the entire tobacco supply chain must necessarily pass from an essential enhancement of human resources and, from an environmental point of view, pay attention to water resources. Italian excellence in the field of machinery production When a supply chain is able to employ thirty thousand people in a country, generating about one billion GDP between direct and induced relapses, politics must feel the moral duty to accompany these processes and above all ensure that they do not become isolated cases but, on the contrary, are able to give a message that ‘Italy is still attractive both at an industrial level and at the agri-food industry level “.” Covid must make us reflect on what will be the legacy that we will find at the end of this pandemic. – concluded Borchia – A pandemic that began as a health crisis and which then subsequently had strong implications from an economic and social point of view. This is why I believe that what Philip Morris fielded, I hope represents a precedent that is able to open a furrow and which can then be followed by other Italian entrepreneurial realities “.



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