NewsEconomicsZaia: "Great news from Giovannini completion of Mose"

Zaia: “Great news from Giovannini completion of Mose”


“Great news from the Minister who informs us of the possible intervention on the Mose and landscape works. This means moving towards the completion of the work and finally seeing the conclusion of the works looming”. Thus at the Adnkronos the president of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia comments on the announcement by the Minister of Infrastructure Enrico Giovannini on the possibility of completing the Mose thanks to savings deriving from lower financial charges on the loans contracted for its realization. “A work that was born, now, in the mists of time and that, at the moment, has proven to work. Among the objectives we had there was also that of closing this game, we are happy that now we are moving towards completion” , concludes Zaia. According to what was announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, in a note, “the savings, equal to 538 million euros, deriving from lower financial charges on the loans contracted for the construction of the Mose system, can be used for the completion of the work and its commissioning, for landscape and environmental interventions and for maintenance activities, in implementation of the provisions of the decree law of last August (Legislative Decree 104 of 2020 containing urgent measures for the and the revival of the economy) “. The ministry has requested that the proposed rescheduling of resources be included on the agenda of the next session of the Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning and Sustainable Development (Cipess), without prejudice to the amount of the overall allocation already foreseen.



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