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Simplifications, from superbonus hotels to cabling with fiber: the draft


The 110% super bonus for “properties falling within the cadastral category D / 2”, that is, for the category in which hotels and pensions fall (for profit). It is one of the measures contained in a draft of the simplification bill that Adnkronos was able to view. And again, 110% superbonus also for “the digital infrastructure of buildings or real estate units intended as the creation of a passive multiservice physical infrastructure inside the building or real estate unit, containing wired access networks in optical fiber with fixed termination or wireless that allow to provide access to ultra-broadband services and to connect the access point of the building or the real estate unit with the network terminal point “, it says. DIGITAL AGENDA – Sanctions ranging from a minimum of € 10,000 to a maximum of € 100,000 “in the event of non-compliance with the request for data, documents or information” in order to ensure the implementation of the Italian and European Digital Agenda, or in “violation of the digital transition obligations “. And it will be Agid to impose the administrative sanction on the managers responsible, it provides for a draft of the simplification bill. Agid publishes the reports on the institutional website and “also proceeds to report the violations to the structure of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers responsible for the ‘technological innovation and the digital transition “which,” further warns the responsible party to comply with the obligations provided for by the regulations in force within an appropriate peremptory term “and in the event of non-compliance, the substitutive powers of the Chairman of the Board of ministers or the delegated minister. Furthermore, once the terms have elapsed, an ad acta commissioner may be appointed based on the seriousness of the violation.

PROCUREMENT CODE – The exceptions to the Procurement Code provided for in the decree of 16 July 2020 are extended by 5 years but with a change to the thresholds for contracts without tender, we read in a draft of the legislative decree. The threshold for contracts without tender for services and supplies thus rises from 75 thousand euros to 139 thousand euros while the awarding of the works will be subject to a negotiated procedure without notice for contracts with an amount between 150 thousand euros and one million euros. . For tenders, “at least ten operators” will be consulted for works “worth one million euros or more”. PA – Strengthening of the discipline of silent consent and of the peremptory nature of the terms within which administrations must respond through amendments to Law 241 of 90 with the aim of speeding up administrative procedures: this is what the draft of the Simplification Decree still provides that Adnkronos has been able to view and should be approved next week. “In cases where the silence of the administration is equivalent to a provision of acceptance”, we read, “without prejudice to the effects of the silent consent, however, the administration is required, at the request of the private individual, to issue electronically, a certification of the acceptance of the application “. Furthermore, “after ten days have elapsed from the request, the certification is replaced by a private declaration”. And again: the maximum limit set at 40% of the subcontracting quota that was in force for the whole of 2021 disappears from the simplifications from a draft of the provision that is being studied by the government. “The contract – reads the draft – cannot be sold, the full execution of the services or work covered by the contract, as well as the full execution of the work relating to the prevailing categories cannot be entrusted to third parties”.

PNRR – A special Superintendency for the PNRR and for further urgent measures for the implementation of the PNRR: this is what is still read in the draft of the provision. “In order to ensure the most effective and timely implementation of the PNRR interventions, the Special Superintendence for the PNRR has been established at the Ministry of Culture, an extraordinary general managerial office operational until 31 December 2026”. special, it continues, “carries out the functions of protection of cultural and landscape assets in cases where such assets are affected by the interventions provided for by the NRP subjected to Via in the state headquarters or fall within the territorial jurisdiction of at least two peripheral offices of the Ministry. Special Superintendence also works by making use of the Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendencies for the preliminary activity. In case of need and to ensure the timely implementation of the NRP, the Special Superintendency can exercise, with regard to further strategic interventions of the PNRR, powers of invocation and substitution vis-à-vis the Archaeological Superintendencies, belle a rti and landscape “. The functions of Director of the Special Superintendence, it continues,” are carried out by the Director of the Directorate General for Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of the Ministry, who is entitled to the salary provided for by the national collective bargaining for interim managerial positions . A technical secretariat is set up at the Special Superintendency, composed not only of permanent staff of the Ministry, but also of a contingent of experts with proven professional qualification “for a maximum duration of thirty-six months, for a maximum amount of € 50,000 gross per year per single assignment. , within the spending limit of 750,000 euros for each of the years 2021, 2022, 2023. The charges deriving from this article are equal to 875,000 euros for each of the years 2021, 2022 and 2023 and equal to 125,000 for each of the years 2024, 2025 and 2026.



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