Inca CGIL, the stories of the patronage operators who have never stopped

A work that has never stopped, to be at the side of citizens always and in any case, allowing them to access the income support and welfare measures that the government has put in place to deal with the health emergency. This is the summary of the video interviews with the operators of the CGIL patronage, broadcast today on the occasion of the debate ‘Digital citizenship for the welfare of the future’ promoted by the CGIL patronage, as part of the CGIL Labor Days, dedicated to the protection individual. “During the pandemic period – said Stefania Di Domenico, director of Inca Prato – we had to adapt our new way of working; in addition to the defense against the virus also the relationship with users and institutional bodies. We reinvented the way of working: it seemed almost impossible to be able to transform the rows of people who usually awaited the opening of the patronage, into appointments able to satisfy their requests “.” We succeeded – he stressed – despite the institutional bodies they had delegated to patronages more and more things to do and more and more often for free. Yet we accepted everything despite the very strong fear of contagion, maintaining safety rules but always in the presence without work from home, because for the union the direct relationship with its people and with those in need is fundamental. The weakest were the elderly, because they needed more understanding and a personal relationship. ”“ The pandemic situation – reiterated Paolo Matta, Inca Sardegna coordinator – required a new organizational model. We have privileged remote protection with all the difficulties that this procedure entails due to the low propensity to use technologies by users, especially the elderly, and the need to use email massively. We continued to talk to people doing what is our mission: to bring out rights and extend them to those who do not have them “.” All this – he explained – in a region, like Sardinia, where small communities prevail and where accessibility to inland areas is severely tested by the very often precarious connections. Even a simple phone call helped solve a problem. I think that the experience we have gained can also serve as a stimulus for social security institutions so that the digitization process that is now absolutely essential can be accelerated. We continue to field professionalism and competence to ensure quality protection in these difficult times “. Davide Cappelletti, director of Inca Monza Brianza, recalled that” for every legislative change the subject of social security and assistance, workers are frantically awaiting the release of telematic procedures. They are convoluted and cumbersome procedures that in fact require that face-to-face contact that still today guarantees the Inca CGIL ”. “The trade union patronages – he said – in their promoting organizations should be more involved in the discussion and planning phase of these telematic and digital innovations as well. Our proposals are not lacking, but we are not those of the payphone, we are at the service of the country, we are at the service of innovation, we are the Inca CGIL “.

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