Covid: Pagliaro (Inca Cgil), ‘strengthen digitization to reduce inequalities’

Strengthen the commitment of the Inca CGIL so that the process of digitization of the procedures for the recognition of social security and welfare benefits becomes an opportunity to reduce the inequalities that the pandemic has further emphasized. This is the purpose of the debate ‘Digital citizenship for the welfare of the future’ promoted by the patronage of the CGIL for today, as part of the CGIL Labor Days, dedicated to individual protection. “Our initiative – explains Michele Pagliaro, Inca president – was born to talk about the critical issues that emerged during the pandemic. We have been authorized by a provision constituted by article 36 of legislative decree number 18 of 17 March 2020 which introduced the so-called mandate of telematic patronage as long as the state of emergency lasts “. “This rule – he underlines – has allowed the patronages, in our country, to work remotely, we have changed our habits and our schedules. We have also made investments and tried to be a proximity control at a time when important institutions such as INPS and Inail have also remained closed. “” Over 90% of our cases are managed electronically “. “The point – he warns – is how this digital citizenship will be articulated knowing that there are subjects, such as the elderly for example, or foreign citizens residing in Italy and all the fragile subjects who live on the margins of society who risk, which today perhaps counts more to have a spid than an identity card in your pocket, exclusion from a welfare state and from individual protections that are becoming increasingly telematic “. “I believe – reiterates Pagliaro – that a reflection must also be made capable of contemplating these aspects bearing in mind that rights and protections are a constitutional prerogative; our Constitution provides that equal opportunities are elements guaranteed to all. “” During the lockdown we made available the extraordinary generosity of the more than 2,000 patronage operators who in some cases were also infected “. “In the months of the lockdown alone – he remembers – we have worked over half a million cases. Let’s not forget that the various law decrees, from time to time, have introduced a whole series of bonuses, over 20, which have generated additional work which is also the result of the critical issues in our country. “” I believe – underlines Pagliaro – that the pandemic has at the center also the contradictions of our labor market, fragmented parceled with fewer rights and less protections to which the bonuses have tried to give answers. “” The system of patronages is regulated by a law of twenty years ago – concludes Pagliaro – . Perhaps if today we have to introduce elements of momentum towards information technology and digitalization we should also think about how to update the terms that standard in some cases ”.

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