Jeff Mills in Milan and Bari for world premiere of the new ‘Metropolis’ soundtrack

Milan and Bari are the two cities chosen for the world premiere of the live performance of the American DJ and producer Jeff Mills, who will present live the new version of the soundtrack of ‘Metropolis’, a cult film of 1927 directed by Fritz Lang, including the most famous and appreciated blockbusters in the history of cinema. The Italian dates are scheduled for July 1 at the Magnolia Grand Theater in Milan and July 2 at the Casa delle Arti in Bari. The plot of Metropolis deals with the mutation of the world victim of capitalism and has marked the imagination of many directors, also influencing other monumental films such as ‘Blade Runne’ and ‘Star Wars’. On the musical side, ‘Metropolis’ inspired the videoclip of ‘Radio Ga Ga’ (which sees Queen retrace some moments of the film), the audacious soundtrack signed by Giorgio Moroder – also containing a song sung by Freddie Mercury – for a new abridged version of 1984 or the video directed by David Fincher, in 1989, for Madonna’s single ‘Express Yourself’. Mills released the soundtrack on the eponymous album in 2000, now 21 years later the experiment evolves and the Detroit artist adds new pieces to his epic techno vision. A pioneer of electronic experimentation, Mills has remodeled a live show that will last as long as the entire version of the film. 155 minutes of intense soundtrack, where compared to the first version he added unpublished mimic sounds and samples, hypnotic loops and climaxes that have consecrated him as the first cinemix experimenter. A dystopic mix of sounds and images, frames and synths that combines the scenes of the film with the musical vision that Mills has finely modeled over the years.

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