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Fuel prices: how to get the “inflation allowance” of 100 euros – actu.fr


Oct 22, 2021
Fuel prices have been on the rise for several weeks, even reaching 2 euros per liter of diesel in some stations in Paris. (© Adobe Stock / illustration)

Good news for some, insufficient or inappropriate measure for others, the payment of the “inflation compensation” announced by the Prime Minister Thursday, October 21, 2021 to help the most modest French to cope with the rising fuel prices already debated.

But the day after the intervention of Jean Castex on the set of TF1, a question comes up this morning in the discussions around the coffee machine: how to touch this aid of 100 euros ? Details.

No steps to take

This aid will be paid to 38 million French people who earn less than 2,000 euros net per month. Its amount will be 100 euros per person, “Without distinction between motorists and users of another means of transport,” says the government website.

There is nothing to do to receive this bonus. It will be paid automatically :

  • By their employer for employees;
  • By Urssaf for the self-employed;
  • Through their pension fund for retirees;
  • By Pôle emploi for job seekers.

Tax-free assistance

It remains to be determined the precise modalities of the payment of this sum, if it will be at the same time as the salary or the allowances or at another time in the month, or how the employers will be reimbursed by the State.

These 100 euros “will not be taxed”, there will be no tax to pay on it, said government spokesman Gabriel Attal on Friday.

In addition, some companies may follow the example of the Carrefour group which has announced that it will double the compensation for all these employees, or 200 euros per person.

When will it be paid?

While prices at the pump are likely to increase further in the coming weeks, we will have to wait a little longer to benefit from this boost. The schedule for the payment of compensation is as follows:

  • From the month of December for employees;
  • From the month of January for public service employees;
  • For others (retirees, job seekers, students, self-employed, etc.) the payment terms will be defined in the coming days.

This Friday, the Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili indicated that this bonus will be paid between December and February.

According to the latest data available (which should be updated this Friday), the average selling price in France for a liter of diesel was 1.56 euros, 1.66 euros for the SP95 and 1.72 euros for the SP98.

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