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2022 presidential election: Valérie Pécresse will re-join the Republicans – archyde


Oct 14, 2021

Valérie Pécresse had distanced herself from her political family in 2017 by creating the Free movement!, two years before leaving the Republicans (LR) party, in 2019. The candidate for the LR nomination for the presidential election declared on Thursday (October 14th) that she would re-join the party, in a weekly interview Point.

“I’m going to join the Republicans again. This is the logical consequence of the fact that I accepted from the start to play as a team. It’s a question of consistency ”, explains Mme Pécresse, who has some “Informed the boss of the Republicans, Christian Jacob, during the day”, according to Point.

“Building the party of the reconquest”

“Today, I am asking all the members of Libres !, who like me share the values ​​of the right, to join LR in order to build together the party of reconquest and alternation. And this line, I apply it to myself. Our goal is to beat Emmanuel Macron together ”, she added.

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In 2019, his resignation came ten days after the historic defeat of the party list in the European elections (8.48%), its worst score under the Ve Republic, and three days after the resignation of LR president Laurent Wauquiez.

His rival Xavier Bertrand, who announced on Monday his participation in the LR congress to nominate the right-wing presidential candidate, said the next day that he would not resume his party membership card. The activists will nominate the LR candidate on December 4, among Mr. Bertrand, Mr.me Pécresse, Michel Barnier, Philippe Juvin and Eric Ciotti.

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