• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Covid automat: Kysuce goes from Monday to black – SME.sk


Oct 14, 2021

From Monday, October 18, the interiors of the restaurants will be closed, only window sales are possible. What are the next steps?

From Monday, October 18, for the first time during the third wave of the pandemic, the covid automate districts will be in black. The toughest measures will apply in five districts: Bardejov, Čadca, Kysucké Nové Mesto, Stará Ľubovňa, Svidník.

There will be 22 districts in the second level of threat (burgundy color). In the first level of threat (red) there will be 37 districts, in the level of vigilance (orange) there will be 15 districts. Not a single district will be green.

This follows from the proposal for the division of districts within the covid automat, which was discussed by the government on Thursday. Compared to the split that applies this week, it is again a deterioration.

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