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Do you spend half of your in-game time on New World and the other half in a queue? Amazon Game Studio is trying to fix this problem by putting the creation of new characters on hold on crowded servers.

You too, the very long queues on New World Leave you enough time to run laundry, housekeeping, shopping, build a house, go on a trip and even leave Earth before you can get back to your server? If you’ve been having this kind of concern since the MMORPG was released on September 28, the horizon should brighten up soon.

The studio behind the massively multiplayer online role-playing game is well aware of the access problem faced by its community to play quickly. New World during peak hours. But certain measures to absorb these endless queues could cause frustration among players, especially if it is to join loved ones already in the game.

The new characters on New World must go on sparsely populated servers

Amazon Game Studios reported on October 2 that any creation of a new character on the servers considered to be full is temporarily blocked. This provision applies to people who have no character already existing on the server. The measure must therefore indirectly help to distribute the load over all the available worlds and avoid excessive disparities.

When a server is full, the message ‘character creation has been temporarily disabled on this server to avoid overcrowding‘appears in gray on the server. This does not affect characters already created on the server and you will be able to log in as usual “, We read in the message posted on Twitter by the official account of the game. The duration of this suspension is not indicated.

new world servers
Look elsewhere, until things get better. // Source: New World

This decision is obviously painful, for those who would like to find friends on a particular server, because they find themselves having to wait until the server receives a significant upgrade of its capacities, or to go to another server in waiting for a free migration policy to be put in place to switch from one kingdom to another.

This is our case: the interest of playing an MMORPG is to be able, in addition to trying out a new gaming experience, to rediscover our knowledge of other MMOs who also wanted to look elsewhere. However, the choice of server turned out to be a bit tricky, because it filled up very quickly. Fortunately, we managed to create our heroine on time, and find our loved ones. It was less than one, given the new temporary rules issued by Amawon Game Studio …

How to check the status of a server on New World

The studio has also set up a page indicating the status of each server, by region of the globe. Servers can be assigned four statuses: online, offline, full, or in maintenance. Note that a full server is an online server. The current breakdown shows a very large number of kingdoms which are considered overcrowded, especially in the Europe area.

But it is true that the video game experience on New World is quite paradoxical: if the servers obviously take the load well once in play, access to the server can sometimes take hours at certain times of the day. We have suffered from this a few times since September 28, especially in the evenings and weekends. For example, we were able to connect around 9:30 p.m.… after launching the game at 7:00 p.m.

Fortunately, this situation is not systematic. Some evenings things went well. Same thing when you log in during the morning or during the lunch break. Ditto during the week. But of course, these slots are specific and not everyone can necessarily use them. Impossible to blame those and those who go online in the evening or on weekends.

New world character
It was still morning when we wanted to connect. And now… // Source: New World

Of course, New World suffers from its status as a brand new game with great ambitions in the MMORPG universe. While World of warcraft Tired, the proposal made by Amazon Game Studio with this title necessarily arouses at least curiosity and pushes a large number of players to give it a chance. These inconveniences, which other games before him have known, will subside over time.

The question remains how quickly these worries will evaporate. However, this case also serves as a test for Amazon’s reputation in servers, whether the company likes it or not. Indeed Amazon Game Studio belongs to the same group as Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is one of the giants in the cloud. Absorb the launch of New World should also be a kind of showcase for AWS know-how.

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