In the mountains, forgetting snow tires will not be penalized this winter – The HuffPost

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Motorists will need to have snow chains in their cars, but the penalties will not apply until winter 2022.

ROAD SAFETY – Failure of chains, snow or all-season tires will not be “penalized this winter”, even if they become obligatory from November 1 in many municipalities of Mountain, announced this Monday, October 4 the Ministry of the Interior.

“Any breaches of the obligation to keep snow chains in your trunk or to equip your vehicle with winter tires in the departments concerned will not be penalized this winter,” the ministry said in a statement. “Information and educational operations will accompany the implementation of this system in the coming weeks”.

The prefects of the departments located in mountain ranges (Alps, Corsica, Massif Central, Jura Massif, Pyrenees, Vosges Massif) must establish before November 1 the list of municipalities where vehicle equipment becomes compulsory in winter, that is, ie from November 1 to March 31.

Snow tire or snow chains

Light vehicles, utility vehicles and camper vans must either have removable non-slip devices (metal or textile snow chains), allowing at least two drive wheels to be fitted, or be equipped with four winter tires (marked “M + S” , “MS” or “M&S”).

New signage must also be gradually implemented. A sign showing a mountain, a suitcase of chains and a tire must indicate the entries and exits of mountain areas where the winter equipment obligation applies.

Coaches, buses and heavy goods vehicles without a trailer or semi-trailer are subject to the same obligations.

For heavy goods vehicles with trailer or semi-trailer, they must have snow chains enabling at least two drive wheels to be fitted, even if they are fitted with winter tires.

Strengthen user safety

The “mountain law” of December 2016 had introduced this new provision giving the prefect of the department authority to determine “the equipment obligations of vehicles in winter”.

The objective of the new regulations is to strengthen user safety by reducing the specific risks associated with driving on snowy or icy roads, specifies the Road safety.

It is also a matter of avoiding blocking situations in mountainous regions, when unequipped vehicles find themselves crossing lanes, unable to free themselves, immobilizing an entire traffic axis.

Currently, specific chain-type equipment is compulsory only on the roads where the sign is installed, when they are snow-covered.

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