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The West Indian and African actors had the chance to tour with the immense Jean Paul Belmondo – Martiniqu – Outre-mer the 1st


The disappearance of the French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo revives the memories of the great names of African cinema such as Sidiki Bakaba, Cheik Doukouré, Pascal N’Zonzi or the West Indians, Raymond Aquilon, Pierre Saintons or Serge Nubret …

Cinema is always rich in stories, the meeting between Sidiki Bakaba and Jean-Paul Belmondo does not date from today, it goes back 40 years. “I lost a brotherhe said.

The actor of the Nouvelle-Vague, Jean-Paul Belmondo has distinguished himself by playing many detective films and by achieving sports prowess.

African and Caribbean actors had the opportunity to meet the immense Jean-Paul Belmondo. They keep precious memories of it and are unanimous on the human qualities of this legend.

SidiKi Bakaba actor director from Ivory Coast.

© DR

Sidiki Bakaba, the epitome of humility

Sidiki Bakaba, trained at the national school of dramatic art in Abidjan in Ivory Coast, is a comedian, actor, director, writer and director. His acting career, which began in the mid-1960s, takes place between France and the African continent.

I had the chance to be directed by great directors, Patrice Chéreau, Med Hondo, Claude Regy, Sarah Maldoror, Jean-Marie Serreau, Sembène Ousmane and that of meeting great actors like the influencer Jean Paul Belmondo . It allowed me to understand and acquire the dimension of the stage.

Sidiki BAKABA friend of Jean-Paul Belmondo

During the 60s and 70s, Sidiki was called upon by several stages: the National Theater of Paris, the Lucernaire Theater, the Avignon Festival and the National Theater of Côte d’Ivoire.

But, there are sometimes coincidences that seal the fate. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Sidiki Bakaba meet on the set of the film “the professional”.

This thriller of French cinema, directed by Georges Lautner from a script and dialogues by Michel Audiard, is sensational. Jocelyn Beaumont escapes from Africa where he was a prisoner and returns to France to seek justice.

SidiKi Bakaba and Jean-Paul Belmondo

Reunion 40 years later between actor SidiKi Bakaba and Jean Paul Belmondo.

© DR

He was a generous man with a big heart. When we first met on this film, he spontaneously called me “little brother”. During the shooting in the Camargue, Jean Paul Belmondo invited me for a morning jog. He was someone who knew how to galvanize.

“Little brother” “he said to me, you should never give up.

Sidiki Bakaba friend of Jean Paul Belmondo

The quality of the respective play of the 2 actors contributes to create bonds of friendship. 40 years of friendship for enthusiasts, practicing the same profession, remain moments of magic and a constellation of stories.

Dead in his arms in the film, his name saves my life in 2011 …

During the post-electoral crisis of 2011, in his native country, the actor director of the Abidjan Palace of Culture in Treichville and of the actor studio (for 10 years) found himself trapped and injured in the presidential residence in Ivory Coast.

The Palace is besieged and bombed. He is wounded with shrapnel all over the place. It is supported by French soldiers.

I remember a singer holding my hand when the soldiers arrived. He said, he must be saved, he’s a big guy who played with Belmondo in the professional. The young people greeted me and on the plane that took me to France. Several came to encourage me. We can not forget … in the cinema I died in his arms. There his name saved my life in 2011.

Sidiki Bakaba Actor director

Raymond Aquilon performed with Jean-Paul Belmondo

This Martinican actor, who died prematurely (in 1991) at the age of 36, had the chance to star in several films alongside celebrities: Michel Piccoli, Claudia Cardinale, Catherine Deneuve, Philippe Noiret and of course the icon Jean Paul Belmondo.

Raymond Aquilon, an unforgettable face in the “Vahiné” commercial, is in the cast of “Hold-up” a film by Alexandre Arcady released in 1985. He plays the role of a guard, alongside “Grimm” (Jean-Paul Belmondo).

Raymond Aquilon mentioned at the time, on our radio stations “Arts and shows”, “his chance to play alongside the international icon, the great accessibility of Belmondo and his professionalism “.

Other actors, like Pierre Saintons also shone in The Professional by Georges Lautner (1981). He interpreted the role of President Njala, giving the reply to Jean-Paul Belmondo. We will note Cheik Doukouré, Pascal N’Zonzi and Serge Nubret.



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