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She betrayed an 18-year-old student, Linh, and now she knew the punishment. Miss Kralevich was not sent behind bars, but for years he will not sit behind the wheel – REFRESHER


The accident happened on Tomášikova Street in Bratislava.



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Former Miss and businesswoman Daniela Kralevich will not go hard behind bars to kill a young student, Linh. Last year, on September 21, Kralevich collided with Linh on Tomášikova Street in Bratislava, when a student was crossing a pedestrian crossing. The driver defended herself that she did not have time to notice the girl with reduced visibility.

The defender of the injured family, Peter Vačok, has now informed that Kralevich, on the basis of a decision of the Bratislava District Court, was given a suspended sentence of two years and seven months’ imprisonment.


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Source: TASR / Miroslav Košírer

“On July 28, Judge OS Bratislava II sentenced K. K. to two years and seven months with a suspended sentence of four years’ probation for a criminal offense. In addition to the sentence of imprisonment, the judge also sentenced him to drive for a period of six years. “ informed the lawyer.

However, the case does not end with a criminal order by which the judge of the Bratislava II District Court punished the driver, because Kralevich and the prosecutor objected to the decision. The final punishment will therefore be known to the businesswoman only after the end of the main hearing, the opening of which will now be ordered.

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Source: TASRPreview image: TASR / Miroslav Košírer


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