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today 8:00 – Elon Musk niektormi vnman jako poloblzon, inmi ako gnius a vizionr. Tesla had its AI Day, at which it presented innovations and advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and, last but not least, the demonstration of a humanoid robot.

Tesla is embarking on a new segment

Tesla Bot, called Optimus, should see the light of day as a prototype in 2022. It is a robot for people, a domestic helper in boring and stereotypical activities or physically demanding and dangerous occupations. The idea is that physical work will not be an obligation, but an option. Tesla Bot has many years of experience with the automation company, which they used in production factories in car construction. and should be from autonomous software that uses autopilot in Tesla cars. It was a 172 cm high and almost 60 kilograms skeleton with a number of cameras that will help it in carrying out its activities, from buying in a store and lifting what things from the ground. Musk makes no secret of the fact that humanoid robots are supposed to replace human labor. He ended the presentation with the words: “If we hadn’t done it, someone else would have done it.” The market for humanoid robots in 2020 was estimated at 2.1 billion. USD. By 2025, it should reach a value of almost 8 billion USD with a growth rate of 30%.

Tesla will be vyr

Stock optimism continues

The US stock index S&P 500 has managed to double its value since the liquid bottom. This is the fastest increase of 100% after the bearish trend since World War II. And triggering a stronger correction doesn’t seem to be on the horizon. In the face of scaling, relentless stimulus and economic recovery, stock optimism will continue. The share of purchase recommendations is the highest in the USA since 2002. In the case of European stocks, this value is the highest since 2011. In other words, Wall Street is optimistic. Incentives, shocks and a booming economy is a cocktail that reassures investors and analysts that the outlook is still good despite high stock growth. The level of the mentioned S&P 500 index is approaching the magical five-thousandth and a more significant correction in almost 200 trading days. So far, there are no “wounds” on the horizon that should trigger it. On the other hand, there are stronger voices about the overvalued share price. Shiller’s P / E, which tracks the share price to the company’s profits, is 38.64. This means that more than $ 38 in price is required for $ 1 of profit. By comparison, these are the highest values ​​in the last 20 years. During the financial crisis in 2008/2009, this indicator was 15. The best protection for capital thus still remains broad diversification and ongoing investment.

Tesla will be vyr

Jackson Hole meeting

The new week will bring the results of GDP from the United States for the second quarter, which are expected at 6.6%. The most interesting, however, will be a meeting at the alpine resort Jackson Hole in Wioming. There, traditionally, all the world’s major central bankers meet there once a year to discuss economic developments, monetary policy and the prospects for economic growth, and many bold details. For a hunter, this mono is too far away, but monetary policy affects our lives more, it doesn’t seem. This meeting will also be closely monitored by investors.

Tesla will be vyr


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