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Suspected of the double assassination committed on his wife Aurélie Pardon and her lover, Gabriel Fourmigué, both professors at Desaix college, in Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées), Cédric Tauleygne has not been found for two months. Investigators traced part of his activity, in Spain, during the two days following the tragedy. Not found! Two months after the double assassination of Aurélie Pardon and Gabriel Fourmigué, in Pouyastruc (Hautes-Pyrénées), on July 4, 2022, both teachers at Desaix college in Tarbes, suspect number 1 disappeared. Still actively sought after, Cédric Tauleygne, 35, was in the process of divorce with his wife, Aurélie Pardon. A situation badly experienced by this former reservist of the gendarmerie and the army, suspected of having shot the two teachers at the home of Gabriel Fourmigué, thus putting into execution a carefully prepared plan. For two months, the research carried out by the gendarmes of the research section of Toulouse, helped by the local units and the Spanish Civil Guard, on the other side of the Pyrenees, have not made it possible to find the trace of the fugitive. The last call for witnesses, launched at the end of July by the judicial authorities, in France as in Spain, yielded nothing. “Nothing allows in the state to favor the hypothesis that the individual is still alive or dead”, affirmed then the prosecutor of the Republic of Pau. He reports an accident with his motorcycle by calling the Guardia Civil “The dog teams deployed not far from Jaca, in the province of Huesca (Aragon), judicial cooperation between France and Spain and sophisticated technical means of telephone geolocation have been used for several days,” said a judicial source. Also read: REPORT. Double assassination in the Hautes Pyrénées: “He fled, he is no longer here”… Near Jaca, the shadow of Cédric Tauleygne But after two months of investigations, new elements shed a little better light on the personality of the suspect number 1 whose desire to cover the tracks, during this headlong rush, intrigues the investigators. The latter managed to reconstruct part of its activity, after July 4, the date of the double assassination. The next day, Cédric Tauleygne was located in the Jaca region, in Spain, 170 km from Pouyastruc. A region he knows well, having done many bike rides in this area. Dressed in jeans and a dark jacket, the fugitive strangely makes a phone call to the Guardia Civil to report that he has just had a motorcycle accident. Cédric Tauleygne’s motorcycle found abandoned. DR Subterfuge to put the gendarmes on a false track? His machine was found, parked, in Bernuès, a small village in Aragon from which three forest paths lead to the mountain. But no trace of the pilot. And for good reason, he manages to reach the region of Huesca where the surveillance camera of a business identifies a man, resembling the description of the suspect, buying two cans of beer that same day. Map of places of interest to investigators. DDM (Click on the map to enlarge it) Elements brought to the attention of the investigators only a few hours later, while searches intensified in this sector thanks to the triggering of his telephone on a nearby relay. During this same day of Tuesday, July 5, he would have posted letters to his mother and to one of his best friends, also godfather of his son. A kind of testamentary documents in which he wishes to bequeath his financial assets to his 3 and 5 year old children and other valuables to this longtime friend. Clues that cause trouble Cédric Tauleygne uses two Sim cards on his mobile phone. It was not until the next day, Wednesday July 6, that the investigators lost track of the fugitive whose phone was broadcasting for the last time near Atares, a small town 11 km south of Jaca, still in the province of Huesca. . A last telephone call was recorded that day and then nothing. The last calls for witnesses launched by the national gendarmerie did not give rise to any leads. “Usually, when this type of call is made there are always people who call us believing they have met the person they are looking for. But there, nothing!” Said a source familiar with the matter. Cédric Tauleygne’s motorcycle was discovered near this road sign NR – SOPHIE LOCAN Read also: MAINTENANCE. Double assassination of two professors in Pouyastruc: if Cédric Tauleygne remains untraceable, will there be a trial? Bald, athletic, and “antivax”, Cédric Tauleygne does not go unnoticed. Passionate about firearms, licensed from a shooting club, would the fugitive have ended his life in the winding maze of mountain trails, between Atares and Bernuès, epicenter of research, in Spain? On both sides of the Pyrenees, the hypothesis is taken very seriously. Even if other clues can cause trouble. Cédric Tauleygne, suspected of the double assassination, is the subject of an arrest warrant. DR A month before the double assassination, relatives of Cédric Tauleygne heard him ruminate on this painful breakup with his wife, Aurélie Pardon. And in the course of two conversations, Cédric Tauleygne would have made it clear to relatives that if he was wanted, he would go to Latin America, a country where there is no extradition agreement. But in his case, it is difficult to imagine an exodus across the Atlantic in such a short time, with so little money (he would only have a hundred euros from July 4), especially since the Spanish airports use very reliable facial recognition technology. To read also: Double assassination of two professors in Pouyastruc: the marriage in danger and the problems at work of Cédric Tauleygne The relatives of Cédric Tauleygne, stunned, discover the hidden face of a man obsessed with success and who had placed a beacon in his wife’s car to better spy on her. Devastated, the family of Aurélie Pardon, like that of Gabriel Fourmigué, lives a real drama in the deafening silence of an impossible mourning.