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#Gleb currently belongs to the absolute top of Slovak and Czech rap. It stands out from its competitors with a special style that it has been loyal to for a long time. Now, however, it will become part of an unconventional news that will premiere in Slovakia. According to many, one of the most sought-after performers Gleb does not belong to the group of classic Slovak rappers at all. Despite this, he is one of the most sought-after performers today, as evidenced by the crowds at his concerts and festivals. This year, Gleb was a part of, for example, Pohody, Beats for Love, Hip Hop Žije, and also shone on Grape. However, the concerts are definitely not over. Millions of views are not a surprise Gleb’s latest release called KOMANDER PUMP IT UP is the biggest hit for many fans. It has more than 700,000 views on YouTube in about two months. However, several songs significantly exceeded the million mark. In addition, he recently released an interesting video clip Známky života. The first child on the way Gleb released a new album Big Boy FM this year, but it is not the only big news from his life. At the beginning of August, he and his partner announced that they were expecting a child. As the performer himself wrote, he will be Big Daddy Gleb. A concert that Slovakia has never experienced. At Gleb, we often see the incorporation of new and modern elements into the music. He likes to move forward, learn from foreign colleagues and try the unknown. So it is in this case as well. Tatra banka organized the first meta version virtual hip-hop concert in Slovakia and its headliner will be Gleb. Such an event has never happened in our country before, and Gleb will go down in history forever. In addition, Bejby Blue, the first digital influencer in Slovakia, will perform at the concert. She too recently entered a world called the metaverse. The concert will take place on September 8 at 19.00 hv metaversion DECENTRALAND. So mark this date! How do you get there too? An exceptional concert, a special program by Gleb and Bejba Blue. You can experience all this for free, and you don’t have to be physically at the concert at all. You just need to be properly connected, and you have two options for that: Experience it in the meta version – log in to Decentraland as a GUEST, create your avatar and jump right under the stage. Attention, Decentraland works only on desktop for now. Follow the stream on Instagram @bejby.blue, IG @glebzoo or on the YouTube channel Bejby Blue, or via tatraacademy.sk. Tatra banka is a pioneer and will even give you 30 euros to your account! The revolution of the future has begun. Tatra banka built the first bank branch in Slovakia, Tatra Academy, in a meta version, and in this regard it is a leader in pushing new boundaries. She already introduced the first digital influencer, Bejby Blue, and the first virtual hip-hop concert will once again raise the level of excellence. After it, a live discussion is also prepared. Viewers can send questions during the entire concert via Bejby Blue’s Instagram or directly in Decentraland via chat. And what can you get besides the concert? If you open a student account in Tatra banka now, you will automatically receive 30 euros as a bonus. With a modern mobile application, you will have your finances under control, an account with no management fees, instant payments to other banks in a few seconds, and sending money via VIAMO to a phone number is a common feature. You can create the future according to your wishes already today. Advertorial prepared in cooperation with Tatra banka.