NewsWorld10 CubeSats will travel aboard NASA's Artemis I mission...

10 CubeSats will travel aboard NASA’s Artemis I mission – Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex – NASA


When NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket launches the agency’s Artemis I mission to the Moon, 10 CubeSats, or small satellites, will travel inside the rocket’s Orion Stage Adapter (OSA). Collaborators from the international space agency and universities are involved with several of the different secondary payloads. The shoebox-sized CubeSats will be deployed from the OSA to strategic locations after NASA’s Orion spacecraft detaches and is at a safe distance. From there, each of the secondary payloads will carry out different science and technology demonstrations in deep space. Learn more about the secondary payloads that fly on Artemis I here. Original news (in English) Edition: R. Castro.

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