Emmanuel Macron calls the magician Gérard Majax: “I hope I haven’t put you in the wrong position” – LaDepeche.fr

the essential Emmanuel Macron had quoted Gérard Majax during the debate with Marine Le Pen on Wednesday evening. The candidate president telephoned the magician this Friday morning. It was an unprecedented magic trick experienced by the star magician of the 80s. Gérard Majax found himself despite himself in the debate between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, Wednesday evening. Emmanuel Macron cited the name of Gérard Majax to criticize the positions of Marine Le Pen, in particular when she addressed the issue of unemployment: “It’s not Gérard Majax tonight, we’re talking about lives behind the lives of our traders, of our craftsmen, that’s the Covid debt, you voted against! The famous magician, 78 years old and retired on the Côte d’Azur, “thought he was dreaming” when he heard his name. Good public, he had confided the next day on debate to RTL: “I have to send him magic powers to thank him!” This Friday morning, Emmanuel Macron called Gérard Majax on his mobile phone. The magician first believed in a joke since Emmanuel Macron answered him: “I understand that one can think that it is an imitation”. Then, in a video edited by his campaign team without broadcasting the entire sequence, Emmanuel Macron told Gérard Majax that he hoped not to have “put him at odds” by “summoning” him into the debate. . Emmanuel Marcon continued: “Now I have put you in the boat, I am counting on you”. This is not the first time that Gérard Majax has been cited by politicians. At the end of the 1970s, Jacques Chirac mocked Raymond Barre, then Prime Minister, by nicknaming him “the Majax of Matignon”. Gérard Majax had been a star of the small screen in the 70s and 80s with his show “Y’a un truc”. The child Emmanuel Macron was probably to be among the viewers.