ACTUALLY Žilina excluded Lipšica from the decision in Fico’s case! He entrusted the decision to the representative –

The National Council is likely to decide on a request to extradite the accused Chairman of the Smer Party. Attorney General Maroš Žilinka announced that he would not act in this matter, but he entrusted the team of Deputy Special Prosecutor Ladislav Masár. Žilinka also announced that he had excluded special prosecutor Daniel Lipšic from the case. He appears to be injured in the case. The matter remains with the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, which may act on behalf of the Attorney General at the request of the National Council of the Slovak Republic for the issuance of consent to take a Member into custody. Dalibor Skladan, a spokesman for the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Slovak Republic, informed about it. Žilinka also called for the media and politicians to be restrained in their statements and to respect the presumption of innocence. Fico, along with Robert Kaliňák and others, is being prosecuted for the crime of founding, conceiving and supporting a criminal group, the crime of abuse of power by a public official and the crime of endangering trade, banking, postal, telecommunications and tax secrets. Based on Žilinka’s decision on Friday, the deputy special prosecutor may act on his behalf in the exercise of his powers to request the National Council of the Slovak Republic to issue a consent to take the deputy into custody. Possible prosecution of a member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic is possible only with the consent of the parliament and a court decision. The leader of Smer-SD considers the accusation to be political revenge and an attempt to liquidate the chairman of the strongest opposition parliamentary party. The prosecutor is also demanding the prosecution of Robert Kaliňák and Marek Par. The judge of the Specialized Criminal Court in Pezinok will decide on this afternoon.