General Camporini: “Azovstal is not strategic, Mariupol is in Russian hands”

“The attack on Azovstal resulted in several casualties even among the Russians. This is the reason for Putin’s change in attitude, who has realized, due to the losses suffered, that it is not worthwhile to insist on this type of operation which does not make much sense from a strategic point of view “. General Vincenzo Camporini comments with Adnkronos on the Russian president’s declaration, made yesterday together with Defense Minister Shoigu, that he does not want to attack the Mariupol steel plant, where it is estimated that two thousand Ukrainian fighters are barricaded, while keeping it under a strict siege. For the rest, according to the former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Putin was successful on the coast of the Azov Sea, which is now “in Russian hands and therefore the connection between Crimea and the Rostov oblast is been achieved “. “Mariupol is the success that Putin can boast – explains Camporini – and which cannot be questioned by the soldiers barricaded in the steel plant and which can be safely ignored, also because the focus of the clash has shifted to areas of Donbass that are not still occupied by the Russians and whose forces appear to be particularly active. We expected a major offensive which obviously depends on the availability of resources. Those that have come from the dismantling of the attack on Kiev are probably too tried to be deployed immediately and must be reconstituted, the void of both human and material losses must be filled. Therefore, if Russia is to make serious progress on the Donbass line of contact it needs all available resources, including those that are still in Mariupol ”. “Mariupol is conquered – the general reiterates – However, a not insignificant contingent of soldiers could in any case be a problem, because a sortie from the steel mill is always possible, which can then reduce the level of control of the territory. But this is a secondary fact, given that the strategic objective in that area has been achieved, and we must somehow try to manage the problem on the other side which is far from being solved. Currently there is an attempt of Russian penetration from the north starting from Izium and which so far has achieved very modest results, put in crisis by the Ukrainian reaction, and the outcome of this operation is not at all obvious ”. (by Cristiano Camera)