NOW NOW The Prosecutor of the ÚŠP has filed a motion to take lawyer Marek Paru into custody –

Prominent lawyer Marek Para is accused of helping a criminal group. According to investigators, he should have discredited prosecutor Vasil Špirek at the behest of Nitra businessman Norbert Bödör. According to the resolution on the indictment of the prominent lawyer Marek Par, which Topky has at his disposal, it follows that the accused Para deliberately helped the members of the criminal group. “The group was formed at least since 2012 and was created by Norbert Bödör with the cooperation of Tibor Gašpar and others, where the aim of this group was to commit especially crimes of corruption, abuse of power by public officials, threats to confidentiality and reserved facts, unauthorized handling of personal data , in order to directly and indirectly obtain financial and other benefits for its members, “the resolution said. They can suspend his advocacy. It is used to suspect that the accused will act on witnesses, experts or co-defendants, or thwart the investigation. The Slovak Bar Association has even earlier stated that an automatic suspension of the practice of advocacy would occur in the event that any lawyer was taken into custody, sentenced to serve a sentence, or was found guilty by a court of first instance for an intentional criminal offense. The Chamber may also suspend the practice of advocacy against a person against whom criminal proceedings have been instituted pending a final decision in the case. Photo gallery (2) Robert Fico, Pavol Gašpar, Marek Para
Source: Ján Zeměar “Decisions on the optional suspension of advocacy usually take place at the stage of criminal proceedings after the complaint of the lawyer concerned has been rejected,” they added from the SAK office. They did not comment on the specific case, as they do not have the right to comment on live cases. Para was detained on the same day as former Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák. He and Robert Fico are accused of founding, conceiving and supporting a criminal group. Para is a well-known lawyer, representing Marian Kočner and Norbert Bödör. He often appears at press conferences with the President of Smer. He is currently in a police detention cell.