Citizenship income, over 6 million unduly received in the Neapolitan area

There are 1,204 people who have unduly received the citizenship income based on the checks carried out from November 2021 to April 2022. Among these, the carabinieri of the provincial command of Naples have discovered 651 irregular positions and 553 people reported for fraud against the State. The total damage account to the Treasury amounts to € 6,557,931.86. A figure that emerged from the control of 1,167 families and 2,300 people. Maglia Nera belongs by right to the north-eastern province of Naples with the Marano figure covering more than a third of the total of over 6 million euros. Accounts in hand, the carabinieri have found with painstaking work that 2,789,602.62 euros were paid into the pockets of people residing in that area who had no right to the benefit of citizenship income. 125 people have been reported, of which 101 have a criminal record.