Mariupol, deputy mayor: “In Azovstal steel mills many civilians”

There are “many civilians” refugees in the besieged site of the Azovstal steel mill: this is confirmed by the deputy mayor of Mariupol, Sergei Orlov, according to whom it is not possible that they can leave the area and for these people practically everything is missing. “I can confirm that there are many civilians – he told the BBC -. They are mostly inhabitants of the destroyed buildings nearby and many workers from the steel mills. They knew that the steel mills had a good bunker and some of them brought stocks of food and water. That’s why they decided to stay there with their families. ” But, he added, it is not possible to help them at the moment. Now “absolutely everything is missing. There is a lack of water, food, medicines, aid, Russia blocks everything, any humanitarian aid or evacuation – he pressed – All the news about the possibility of leaving, leaving Mariupol or the Azovstal plant area are false “.