Petrol and diesel, pump prices still rising today

Upward adjustments on the fuel network with the prices charged for petrol and diesel that reflect the increases decided in recent days by the companies, despite the prices of petroleum products in the Mediterranean closed yesterday down (especially diesel), with Brent down to 108 dollars after the rally of the last two days at 114 dollars. The processing of Quotidiano Energia and Staffetta Quotidiana of the data communicated by the managers to the Mise Price Observatory sees an average national price of petrol in self mode which rises to 1,773 euros / liter with the different brands between 1,752 and 1,799 euros / liter ( no logo 1,764). As for the diesel self it goes to 1,769 euros / liter (against 1,763), with companies between 1,760 and 1,781 euros / liter (no logo 1,765). , methane served at € 2,214 / kg (+12 cents, companies 2.305, white pumps 2,138) while LNG served at € 2,858 / kg (+11, companies € 2,875 / kg, white pumps € 2,844 / kg).