Couple killed during Puerto Rican pride parade in Chicago

(CNN Spanish) – Authorities in Chicago are investigating the murder of a Hispanic couple, which occurred on Saturday after they both participated in the Puerto Rican pride parade in the center of the city.

The police reported that the woman, identified as Yasmín Pérez, 23, was beaten and shot by subjects who have not yet been identified. For his part, Gyovanni Arzuaga, 24, Pérez’s boyfriend, received several gunshot wounds.

The Cook County Coroner’s Office confirmed to CNN via email that Arzuaga died of “multiple gunshot wounds.” Pérez’s cause of death is yet to be determined, pending an autopsy.

The victims were identified as Yasmín Pérez and Gyovanni Arzuaga.

The commander of the 20th district of the Chicago Police, Brendan McCrudden, said at a press conference that apparently the victims had collided with the vehicle of the attackers and this triggered the events.

“What we know and that we are investigating is that there was a simple traffic accident and then a group of people broke into that specific vehicle and they can be seen hitting the woman who was driving the vehicle, and then they drag her out of the car. What the video does not show is that there was a shot and that is when the woman is injured and there the man comes out and is on her and a second suspect is clearly seen with a firearm and shoots him in the head almost as if it was an execution, “added McCrudden.

The fact was captured in a video that has been disclosed on social networks. The authorities are using it to find those responsible for the incident.

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