NewsWorldBihari won a lawsuit against the Kotlebs. ĽSNS...

Bihari won a lawsuit against the Kotlebs. ĽSNS has to apologize to it and pay thousands of euros –


President of Progressive Slovakia Irena Bihariová won a lawsuit against the Kotlebovci partyĽSNS.

Yesterday, the District Court in Banská Bystrica ruled that ĽSNS must apologize to Bihari in its newspaper, on its website and pay her 5,000 euros.

Bihari informed on your Facebook account. The judgment is not valid, the party can appeal against it.

About two years ago, ĽSNS distributed its party newspaper all over Slovakia with my photo and announcement that I am a “gypsy fanatic” who, from the Minister of Education Lubyová (Martina Lubyová, as Minister of Education as a nominee of the CIS in the years 2017 to 2020, note “ed.) received thousands of euros in subsidies and went for them to promote a” perverted agenda “for children in schools. It was a clean lie from start to finish.” approaching the core of the dispute politician.

Bihari sees the decision as proof that hoaxes and lies can be won. “Proof that we still live in a state governed by the rule of law, in which the individual as well as society as a whole can defend itself against such misinformation and fabrication,” she pointed out.

ĽSNS has not commented on the decision yet. He plans to do so only after delivery of the judgment.

Allegation of Bihari in the ĽSNS newspaper from September 2019:

Source: People’s Party Newspaper Our Slovakia



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