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At least these employees are happy to eat at the cinema – The HuffPost


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With the ban on consumption in the cinema, some employees are delighted to no longer have to endure the rude behavior of certain spectators (photo illustration).

UNUSUAL – The decision makes people happy. As part of his speech on December 27th on the taken procedures facing the outbreak epidemic caused by the variant Omicron, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that it would be forbidden, from January 3, to consume “drinks and food in all cinemas, theaters, sports facilities and public transport”.

A measure that will weigh heavily on the finances of the film industry, but which will at least have the positive consequence of making life easier for certain little hands in dark rooms.

This was noted on Thursday evening, December 30 on Twitter, a user by the name of @HonoluluJackk. In a message “liked” more than 50,000 times (at the time of this writing), the young woman, a cinema employee, indeed notes that the Prime Minister’s decision will prevent some spectators from ransacking the theaters .

She adds to her message several eloquent photos of the problem she denounces: spilled popcorn, ice cream crushed on the floor or melting on the seats, candy spilled between the rows of armchairs … And denounces the mission incumbent on her to clean “a completely disgusting 300-seat room in less than 3 minutes ”.

A rant against the incivility of a part of the public which met with a certain echo on the social network. In addition to the nearly 7,000 people who reshared his tweet, dozens of other cinema workers responded with their own photos of theaters filled with trash left behind by spectators.

Certain Internet users supplement the annoyed message of the young woman by recalling that a large part of the reception agents who are generally responsible for cleaning the rooms between two sessions are made up of precarious employees, often students employed on a part-time basis.

What legitimately feed their annoyance when they discover the amount of dirt left between the seats. “Parents who leave their trash saying to their children: ‘People are going to clean up’, we see you (and we hear you),” adds @HonoluluJackk in another tweet.

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