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New Year’s Eve selection of Zlatan’s most legendary statements: Only he can really afford that – Š


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Lionel Messi and Cristian Ronald are considered the best footballers of today, but sometimes they can look a bit boring. Their post-match talks or press conferences are always in the same spirit. They are full of clichés and we actually know in advance what they will probably tell the journalists.

However, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, who celebrated his 40th birthday this year, is quite different from most footballers in this respect. He has a sense of humor and an extremely high level of self-confidence, which makes him stand out. His remarks really always cause excitement and excitement among fans.


In November 2013, Sweden was facing a key match against Portugal in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers in Brazil. Before the duel, a TV4 reporter asked Ibrahimovič how the qualification would turn out and who would eventually advance to the championship.

“Only God knows,” replied a native of Malmö. “But it’s pretty hard to ask him,” the editor remarked ironically. “You’re talking to him right now,” Zlatan replied with a stony face.

For the sake of completeness, we would like to add that in the end the Swedes did not manage the mentioned match when they lost to the Portuguese 2: 3. Ibrahimovič scored both goals of his team, but even that was not enough, as Ronaldo was on the other side with a hat-trick.

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Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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After the aforementioned close defeat with Portugal, which decided that the Norwegians would not travel to Brazil, Zlatan again told reporters: “I know one thing for sure, MS is not worth talking about without me, so it doesn’t make any sense to wait for them in tension.”

In this case, however, we must oppose the Swedes, as the World Cup in Brazil seven years ago brought several unforgettable football stories, although this time without its own Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

In 2016, his future at PSG was addressed. It has long been speculated in the corridors that the Swedish sniper could leave for the English Premier League. However, Ibrahimovic told reporters what would have to happen for him to reconsider his decision to leave the French capital: “I do not believe that club officials can exchange the Eiffel Tower for my statue. But if they succeed, I would stay here, I promise. ”

The Eiffel Tower itself immediately responded to the statement of the Swedish gunner on its official twitter account: “I like your humor, Zlatan. The view of Paris from above is really beautiful, but La Tour is me! ” Never mind, this didn’t work out for Ibrahimovic, so he packed his bags after the season and set out to seek his fortune in the red part of Manchester.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic in PSG jersey.

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During his time at the American MLS in 2019, Zlatan again did not forgive a teasing remark to his then-teammates from the LA Galaxy team: “To be honest, MLS is not on the same level as football in Europe. I’ve played with players who were at or near my level before. But here I feel like a Ferrari among Fiat. ”

LA Galaxy special trainer certainly did not enjoy this unfortunate statement of his biggest star. In the cabin, they had to explain the whole situation afterwards. However, with this statement, Ibrahimovic reaffirmed his unpredictability.

Zlatan prepared another pearl for an interview with BT Sport, which he was doing when he was wearing the United jersey. The moderator asked him who he thought were the best strikers in the Premier League, and the Swedish matador’s response visibly surprised him: “I personally like the spikers, who make key differences in the match. Lukaku is strong, he is the type of player who uses his physical strength to score a lot of goals. Agüero is also a very good striker. ”

But then came from the journalist, given the nature of Ibrahimovic, a quite logical question as to why he did not mention himself. “Because lions can never be compared to humans,” replied with a smile on his face a native of Malmö. The moderator, of course, couldn’t stand it and immediately laughed.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic during his time at Manchester United.

Source: reuters

Yes, this is Zlatan and that is why he is so popular with fans. Although he celebrated his 40th birthday in October this year, he says: “The older I get, the better. Just like red wine. I think I will be able to play in my fifties. “

We will see if we talk about Ibrahimovic as an active footballer a decade later, but in his case this cannot be completely ruled out. In any case, Zlatan’s immediate goal is to help his current employer, AC Milan, succeed at home as well as at European level. Even in his forties, he still has something to offer the team.



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