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Halo Infinite: campaign missions cannot be replayed – Xboxygen


Dec 7, 2021

Sad news for fans of the Halo saga and especially for the most perfectionists of them since Microsoft has confirmed with Polygon
that the missions of the campaignHalo Infinite would only be playable once per save. In other words, you will have to complete the campaign in one go on a save or create new ones to replay the in-game missions.

An essential feature of campaign mode that is disappearing

Level replayability has always been important in Halo and even in all games featuring rich and impactful campaigns. Who has never relaunched a precise and particularly interesting mission in a Halo or in a Call of Duty.

This was all the more interesting on Halo since the game has always offered many items to find and collect in its levels. In addition, it was possible to see his score, his time, to adapt the level of difficulty, but also to replay solo or in co-op without losing the thread of the story. In short, mission replayability is as important for perfectionist and hard-working players as it is for more casual players.

The disappearance of replayability is due to the open world offered by Halo Infinite. This is because although all of the missions take place in a linear order, some require the player to travel through different regions of the world to advance in the story. The good news is that the map of Halo Infinite is open and players have the option of retracing their steps to explore specific areas. In some cases, this means that the hidden objects in these areas can be found after a mission, but this is not true for all missions.

This is especially true for the first two Halo Infinite missions taking place outside of Halo Zeta. There is no way to go back there as they are outside of the open world so you better not miss out on the collectibles if you don’t want to restart a save. A Microsoft spokesperson spoke on the subject in particular.

“The post-game gives you the flexibility to continue exploring the environment as you see fit, but for the first two missions, when you’re not in the ring yet, you can’t replay from the same file.” backup. You will be able to collect the remaining FOBs, targets, and audio recordings, but main story missions will not be replayed. “

Skulls will remain linked to the player’s account, meaning they will not be reset when a new save file is launched. Quite astonishing news for regulars of the franchise wishing to relive some remarkable missions or collect all the hidden objects in the missions of the game. It’s up to you to be insightful from the start of the Halo Infinite campaign which will be released tomorrow to avoid have to create a backup within a week.

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