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Verstappen has also lost his temper. Finals without protests and politics? Forget – PRAVDA.sk


Dec 7, 2021

Only for the second time in the history of Formula 1 will the aspirants enter the title with the same number of points.

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Max Verstappen (left) and Lewis Hamilton on a circuit in Saudi Arabia. The Brit was looking forward to the finish line.

This situation is repeated for the first time since the 1974 season, when Emerson Fittipaldi of McLaren faced Ferrari driver Regazzoni. In the end, Fittipaldi enjoyed three points.

Cut 47 years later. Seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes matched series leader Max Verstappen thanks to his eighth victory in the current year and an extra point for the fastest lap at the chaotic Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia. The Red Bull rider has one more triumph in the current year.

Point state? 369.5: 369.5. It means only one thing – whoever gets better on Sunday in Abu Dhabi will become the world champion.

Saudi Arabia sport motoring F1 VC Read more Verstappen received a penalty in the finish: It’s more about penalties than competition

Motorsport-Magazin.com editor-in-chief Stephan Heublein does not dare say his name.

“Verstappen is in a slightly better position on paper, it has one win and another place more than Hamilton. However, the difference in point equality seems unlikely, although this year we have already seen crazier things, “he told Pravda.

According to a German expert, every detail will be important. “With what settings will the teams come for the weekend? Who will find a better balance during training? What surprises will occur off the track? ”He thinks, developing the last thought:

“We have seen a lot of protests and political steps this season, I don’t think it will stop in the last races.

As far as Saudi Arabia, they were attributed to stables chiefs Tot Wolff (Mercedes) and Christian Horner (Red Bull), but now Verstappen also seems to have lost his temper. It will be a great final and we hope to decide in a fair way on the track. “

Mercedes seems to be in better shape at the moment.

“Since the sprint races in Brazil, I have a feeling that Hamilton and the team want to show the world that they will go after the overall triumph. But who knows, maybe a weekend in Saudi Arabia gave Verstappen and Red Bull an impulse to show what they are capable of, “he added.

The situation is clearer in the design championship.

1. Lewis Hamilton: $ 30 million.

2. Max Verstappen (Red Bull): $ 25 million.

“The last race was a huge blow for Red Bull from this point of view. Mercedes has a big lead (28 points) over the Constructors’ Cup, but it is still undecided, “says Heublein.

Who could fit the more final circuit?

“In the United Arab Emirates, Mercedes has experienced successful but also less successful races in recent years. The same goes for Red Bull. So in terms of the scene, we could talk about a level playing field. It will be magnificent! ”Looks forward to the motoring journalist.

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