Sahel: what device is planned to replace Operation Barkhane?

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While President Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday the imminent end of the Barkhane military operation in the Sahel, where French troops have been engaged since 2013, the fight against terrorism will be entrusted to special forces structured around Operation Takuba. . Decryption with Wassim Nasr, journalist at France 24 and specialist in jihadist movements.

Emmanuel Macron announced, Thursday, June 10, a start to reduce the anti-jihadist military operation Barkhane, especially in Mali, hit by a recent coup, during a press conference at the Elysee Palace upstream of the G7.

“Following consultations (…) we will initiate a profound transformation of our military presence in the Sahel”, explained the French president, announcing the “end of Operation Barkhane as an external operation” and the implementation of “an international alliance bringing together the States of the region”.

This “transformation” will notably involve the closure of French army bases and the priority given to the fight against the jihadists by the special forces.

“It is not a withdrawal, but an evolution”, specifies the deputy Thomas Gassilloud of the commission of national defense and the armed forces, on the antenna of France 24.

The schedule and terms of the end of Operation Barkhane will be unveiled at the end of June, according to the head of state. France is particularly counting on the rise of the group of European special forces Takuba, which it initiated and which today brings together 600 men in Mali, half of them French, as well as a few dozen Estonians and Czechs. and nearly 140 Swedes.

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