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C to you: Eddy Mitchell explains why he resumed smoking – Close


Nov 25, 2021

Invited on the set of C à vous, this Wednesday, November 24, Eddy Mitchell returned to one of his addictions: smoking. And the singer admits to having stopped and then resumed tobacco, for a very specific and quite astonishing reason.

Eddy Mitchell is back. The singer released a new album, titled Country Rock, composed of 12 tracks recorded in France. On this occasion, the artist was invited to the set of C to you, this Wednesday November 24 in order to unveil the behind the scenes of this 39th opus but also to evoke a little more his private life. If he pays close attention to his health, Eddy Mitchell admits to having resumed smoking, for a rather surprising reason. : “But because when I quit smoking, I had a thin voice and so I smoked again and I found my voice and I was able to make this album that I like a lot”, he confides to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, quite surprised.

Eddy Mitchell still explains that he took care of him: “Yes I took it off, because … Entourage, excellent medics who said to me, ‘You have to calm down, because otherwise you go straight ahead what'”. He was also able to see the effects of smoking on the health of his friend, Johnny Hallyday. He remembers in particular that it was very difficult to make Taulier listen to reason: “Me what I could say to him was therefore useless because I remember having said to him for a show which was at the Palais des Sports: he was in Mad Max. But the worst was the musicians, who were in skin beast with axes. I said to myself ‘well it’s not too Music Hall all that what’, you’re a singer anyway first of all. He didn’t care “, he explains.

Eddy Mitchell remembers the last time he saw Johnny Hallyday

What does he miss most in the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday? Their moments spent together: “Yes, not to go to restaurants, cinoche anymore. (…) Cinoche, bullshit, bullshit, restaurant”, he declares with emotion. Eddy Mitchell also remembers the last moments he had with his friend, he who, for the last time they saw each other, was very upset that he had not found two more songs for his album project. Touching revelations which show once again that Johnny Hallyday is still in everyone’s mind, even if the years go by.

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