Dovizioso: “Bastianini ready for the MotoGP World Championship”

“MotoGp has changed quite a lot, when I was young at the arrival in MotoGp there were more important riders than they were in front of them and that was, but now there is an important rotation in every race and often even a rookie can be competitive. Today the young people look at the riders who have achieved important results with less awe. Who is more ready among the Italians for the World Championship? Logically Bastianini, he has already won two races, we are talking about substance. year and it could also be in the next few years. At this moment Bastianini is the most ready for the World Cup. ” This is the opinion expressed by Andrea Dovizioso rider of the WithU Yamaha RNF MotoGP Team, in an interview with Adnkronos in connection from Portimao where on Sunday he will race the GP of Portugal of MotoGp, on young riders in particular attention to the many Italians on the track, especially Enea Bastianini who leads the rider standings with Ducati, without forgetting Francesco Bagnaia, Luca Marini, Franco Morbidelli and the others. “Who is the favorite to win the World Championship this year? It’s too early to say, I see Bastianini particularly fast on the bike, he’s riding well and has people around him who can help him make the right choices. soon, the two Suzukiis are there too, it’s still long and there are many races to run. Marquez? I don’t know the details of his problem, I don’t know if he has the chance to go back to what he was before, but Marquez has the chance to win even if it does not go back to what it was before “, added Dovizioso who also spoke of the initial problems.” There were difficulties at the beginning of the season, no developments on the bike, but there is room for adaptation. Of course we can go faster but we will continue to focus on this. Then I can do another type of work with Yamaha to develop the bike but that’s another story. I hope soon something will change to understand the directions that allow us to improve the package “, explained the rider. “I am very sorry for these initial results, as a team and as sponsor WithU we expected more, things went like this for a number of different factors, but we are focused on doing better”, added the Forlì. “The rumors of my replacement in the team? It’s a journalism a bit of 2020, just pull out an opinion for it to become something already done, but don’t forget who I’m racing for, Yamaha. I just finished a meeting with a project leader, there is mutual respect regardless of the results of the moment, indeed it is they who at the end of the race are aware of having difficulties on certain aspects and apologize, knowing that some things have to improve, as I have to adapt better to the bike. Today’s journalism is quite offset from reality, but it has no effect on me “, Dovizioso said sharply on the rumors that have been chasing each other in the last days of his possible replacement, rumors denied by the same team. “The future after MotoGP? I’ve been thinking about what to do for a few years now, the project. Finding the right solution is not easy, I’m working on it, I’m not a person who lives day by day, basically I like programming, understand and make sense of what I do. Four wheels? fascinate me, I’ve always done something, I like challenges from motocross to rally cars but exhibition races, to have the opportunity to compete with adrenaline-pumping cars. I had experience with the Lamborghini on the track, something beautiful and fun but it is difficult to do it in the right way, and then it is not as adrenaline and fun as racing a motorcycle, it can make sense to have experiences, so never say never, but to race in motorcycle is a different thing “, concluded Dovizioso.