Wine, Postorino: ‘Disseminating better with a balanced channel is useful’

“The initiative certainly deserves a very positive evaluation, having chosen the wine has a very precise motivation because it deserves all this attention. Italian viticulture is present in all regions, it is among the few crops that is present everywhere, and it is a fact that must make us think. There is a history, a culture and the successes of these years did not come by chance “. This was stated by Francesco Postorino, general manager of Confagricoltura, at the launch event of Adnkronos Wine, the new journalistic information channel on the portal, the result of the Mww Group collaboration. “However, it is a sector that works in an obscure way, – he added – everyone talks about wine even in an improper way, and we need to talk about wine more carefully because continuing to offer to the public, to restaurateurs, this product as an elitist has no done well for the sector. It should always be consumed and in any case, but I think greater disclosure is very useful and good for us “. “We must make companies understand what are the orientations of the new generations” added Postorino, because as shown by a recent Censis study, young people drink more, wisely and with a search for quality. “So, he concluded,” disclose better, with a specific, competent and balanced thematic channel I think it is very useful “.