Paracetamol: why Doliprane is out of stock in pharmacies – Le Figaro

Every day, the Sanofi factory in Lisieux produces more than 15 million units of paracetamol in the form of capsules, suppositories or sachets. Doliprane paracetamol capsules are lacking in French pharmacies, especially those of 1000 Mg. “Since this winter, Sanofi has been faced with an increased demand for its paracetamol-based specialties”, indicates the laboratory. He adds that “this strong acceleration is due to the resurgence of Covid-19 cases, combined with the strong comeback of winter pathologies and the recent lifting of barrier gestures. This has given rise to an unprecedented increase in demand for pharmacies”. Read alsoSanofi’s bet on immunology An observation observed by Christine, a preparer in a pharmacy in the Alpes-Maritimes: “There is not only a shortage of Doliprane in capsules, but also in liquid form, intended for children. A lack that upsets parents a lot. However, the Sanofi factory in Lisieux had already increased its production by 50% last spring. Every day, the establishment produces more than 15 million units in the form of capsules, suppositories or sachets. Another factory, located in Compiègne, also manufactures Doliprane. In the coming days, Sanofi should write to pharmacists to limit orders for Doliprane 1000 Mg in capsules to a maximum of 720 units per pharmacy, before a return to normal expected “during June 2022”. “No break on paracetamol” Philippe Besset, president of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions of France (FSPF), recalls the existence of alternative solutions. “There is no shortage on paracetamol, so customers have the option of buying it in tablets or suppositories and switching to other brands,” he says. But generally, “people absolutely want their little yellow box and refuse to take the generic, Dafalgan or Efferalgan, which are nevertheless similar”, underlines Christine. Read alsoSanofi (Doliprane): the coronavirus inflated sales in the 1st quarter The preparer also points to the role of doctors, who do not hesitate to prescribe eleven boxes on a single prescription, corresponding to the maximum number authorized. “Customers are always afraid of running out of Doliprane at home, so they buy it often. There is a reassuring side,” she says. Some admit to consuming it regularly, like Lucas, 23: “Every evening, I take Doliprane 1000 Mg, as if it were vitamins.” However, this gesture can be dangerous for health. The National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) warns of “serious liver damage” in the event of an overdose. “This term means the use of an unsuitable dosage, too high a dose per dose or per day, and a minimum time between doses not respected. The misuse of paracetamol is the leading cause of drug-induced liver transplantation in France,” says the ANSM. To remedy this problem, laboratories must “include warning messages on the boxes of medicines containing paracetamol”.