Restaurants in the white and yellow areas, “there is a limit of 4 people at the table”

At the restaurant, the limit of 4 people per table remains in force, both in the yellow and white areas. The Ministry of Health clarifies this, referring to the Dpcm of last March 2, recalled by the decree law of 22 April and in the introduction of the ‘Guidelines for the resumption of economic and social activities’ of 28 May. “In the activities of catering services, table consumption is allowed for a maximum of 4 people per table, unless they are all living together”, he clarifies. Read also From today 1 June the new rules have come into force regarding bars and restaurants also indoors in the yellow zone. The main novelties include the possibility of lunch and dinner not only outdoors but also ‘indoors’ in restaurants and consumption at the counter in bars. In the yellow zone the curfew remains for now starting at 11pm, but abolished in the white zone (for now Sardinia, Friuli and Molise) where it is no longer necessary to go home within a certain time. In the range where the anti-covid rules are the lightest, however, the obligation remains to maintain the distance, to wear the mask outdoors and indoors and gatherings are prohibited.

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