Restaurants, Sardinia rules: ’20 cubic meters per customer ‘

The rules for restaurants established by Sardinia, the white zone, do not appeal to restaurateurs who reject the criteria linked to -20 cubic meters for each customer – and to air exchange. The restaurants, even in the yellow zone, can welcome customers indoors for lunch and dinner in compliance with the guidelines. Confesercenti Sardegna clearly takes sides against the latest ordinance of the President of the Region, Christian Solinas, defined by the association, in a note, “yet another penalty to the restaurant business, which this time must have to do with mathematical calculations between meters cubes and air changes “. “In a completely creative way and without any scientific basis that validates these obligations imposed by President Solinas – says Roberto Bolognese, president of Confesercenti -, the ordinance provides that ‘the activities of the catering services, carried out by any business, even indoors must guarantee the limit of simultaneous presences not exceeding one person every 20 cubic meters of air and an air exchange rate of not less than 0.5 “. According to Confesercenti,” this would mean, calculator in hand, that in a room of 100 square meters and three meters high, only 15 seats can be occupied at the table. Taking into account that, although the President can set conditions in the event of real risks, this does not seem to be the case, given that we are in the area white, we put serious doubts on the legitimacy of this act “.” In no other Region – still argues Bolognese -, not even in the yellow zone is such a cumbersome and highly penalizing for a sector already severely tried. We hope that this umpteenth task can be simplified as soon as possible and that reference can only be made to what has been established by the State-Regions conference protocols and adopted by a specific ordinance by Minister Speranza. In any case, we hope that this ordinance will not be extended beyond June 15th “.

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